Venerable Master Hsuan Hua: Education is the foundation for being a person. It is the foundation for the world; and it is the true national defense. If you do not do a good job in education, national defense will fail as well...

...we emphasize educating the mind and spirit, so that the students have a solid foundation for being a person. In the future, when they start working, they will base their actions on virtue and serve as models for others…

The education given at the City teaches people to lay a good, solid foundation upon which skyscrapers can be built. I’ve been the big hammer, hammering our young friends’ foundations so that they’ll be solid and useful to the world in the future. That is my goal. Young friends, do not underestimate yourselves. You are the future leaders of this country.

In order to promote world peace, we have to start with education. As long as we lay down a good foundation in education, the nation will surely be strong and prosperous, and the world will be safe and peaceful.

...Children, do you want to rescue the world and mankind? If you do, first of all you have to build up your character and develop your virtue. This means be a good and noble person and get a good education. Good and noble people don't smoke, drink, take drugs, or gamble. They don't have any bad habits.




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