City of 10,000 Buddhas in My Eyes

Fond Memories amidst the Farewells

The Beautiful City of 10,000 Buddhas

The Jeweled Repentance before Ten Thousand Buddhas

The Sagely City’s Influence On Me

Developing Virtue School Commencement Speech

My Experience at the City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Two Occasions for Showing off

A Competition to Remember

The Chinese Competition

How can I make a Difference?


Some Thoughts on Graduation

I Feel that the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is a very Good Place

My Vision of The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

My Vision of CTTB

My Vision of CTTB

Don’t Underestimate This School

A School Worthy of Interest

We’re Just Like a Family

A Wonderful Learning Experience

A Taste of Taking Care of Little Kids

Learning From Mistakes In Order to Mature

CTTB Is My Home

Students' Essays 2010

Instilling Goodness & Developing Virtue Schools'website

IGDVS Boys' Graduation

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