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Entering the Dharma Realm Part 1

The Bodhisattvas, with the above the ineffable samadhis numerous as the dustmotes in Buddha kshetras, enter the spiritual transformation seas of Vairochana Thus Come One, which in every thought are filled with all the samadhis of the Dharma Realm.

All these Bodhisattvas are replete with great wisdom and spiritual penetrations; they are bright, sharp and at ease. They dwell on the different Grounds, and with their vast, great wisdom they universally contemplate all things. Born from the seed nature of all wisdom, the wisdom of all wisdoms constantly appears before them. They have attained the pure wisdom-eye that parts from the cataract of stupidity, and act as subduing masters for all living beings. They dwell in the Buddha's equality, and toward all dharmas have no discrimination. They understand states, and know that all the nature of the world is still and extinct, without a place of reliance. They universally travel to all Buddhas' countries and yet are without attachments. They can contemplate all dharmas and yet are without dwelling.

They pervasively enter the palaces of all wonderful dharmas, and yet are without coming. They teach, transform, and subdue all in the world, universally manifesting a calm and safe place for living beings. The liberation of wisdom is their practice, forever they dwell in their wisdom bodies, apart from the limit of greed. They transcend the seas of existence and instruct about the limit of reality. Their wisdom light is perfected, they universally see all dharmas and dwell in samadhi, firm and unmoving.

Toward all living beings, they constantly bring forth rise Great Compassion. They know that all dharma doors are like illusions, that all living beings are like dreams; that all Thus Come Ones are like reflections; that all sounds are like echoes; that all dharmas are like transformations.

They can well accumulate superior practices and vows. Their wisdom is perfected, pure and skillful. Their minds are still and quiet, adept at entering all states of dharani. They are replete with the power of samadhi, and are courageous and dauntless. They have obtained the wisdom-eye and dwell in the limit of the Dharma Realm. They arrive at the place of attaining nothing with regard to all dharmas.

They cultivate and practice the boundless great sea of wisdom. They arrive at the Paramita of Wisdom, the ultimate other shore, and are gathered in and maintained by Prajna Paramita. With the paramita of spiritual penetrations they universally enter the world. Relying upon the Paramita of Samadhi, they obtain ease and comfort of mind.

With non-inverted wisdom, they know all meanings. With skillful wisdom of discrimination, they disclose and instruct about the dharma treasury. With the wisdom that makes things apparent and easy to understand, they teach and explain about writings and languages.

With great vow power they proclaim the dharma without end. With fearless great lion's roar, they constantly delight in contemplating dharmas which are without a place of reliance. With the pure eye of dharma, they universally contemplate all things. With the moon of pure wisdom, they illumine the formation and destruction of the world. With wisdom light, they illumine the Reality Principle. Their blessings, virtue, and wisdom are like a vajra mountain, which all analogies fail to describe.

They well contemplate all dharmas. Their wisdom roots increase and grow. They are courageous and vigorous, smashing the demonic hordes. With measureless wisdom, their awesome light is blazing. Their bodies transcend all worlds, they obtain the unobstructed wisdom of all dharmas. They can well enlighten to and understand the limit which has an end and which is endless.

They dwell in the Universal Limit. And they enter the Reality Limit. The contemplative wisdom, which is without a mark, constantly appears before them. With clever expedient devices they accomplish all Bodhisattva practices. With non-dual wisdom, they know all states.

They universally see all the destinies of all worlds. They pervasively travel to all Buddha-lands. Their wisdom lamp is perfected. With regard to all dharmas, they are free from darkness or obstruction. They emit the pure light of dharma, which illumines the realms of the ten directions.

For the sake of the world, they serve as true fields of blessing. Upon either seeing or hearing of them, their wishes will be fulfilled. Their blessings and virtue are lofty and great, transcending all in the world. They are courageous and fearless. They smash all external ways. They proclaim subtle and marvelous sounds, which pervade all kshetras. Universally seeing all Buddhas, their minds are without satiation.

With regard to the Buddha's Dharma body, they have attained self-mastery. And according to those who should be transformed, they will manifest a body. With one body, they can fill up all Buddha kshetras. They have attained comfortable, pure spiritual penetrations, and riding the Great Wisdom Boat, their neither travel is unobstructed. Their wisdom is perfected, pervading the Dharma Realm. This is like the rising sun, which pervasively illumines the world. According to the thoughts of living beings, they manifest their form. They know of all living beings' root nature, their desires and delights, and enter the state of non-contention of all dharmas.

They know that the nature of all dharmas is not produced and does not arise, and cause the small and the great to mutually enter each other with ease. They decisively understand the Buddha’s Buddhas' ground and its profound tendencies.

With endless phrases they proclaim the profound meaning, and within each phrase they proclaim all of the seas of sutras.

They obtain the Great Wisdom Dharani Body. And whatever they receive and uphold, they will never forget. In one thought, they can recollect the events of measureless kalpas.

They possess the wisdom to be aware in a single thought of all living beings throughout the three realms of time. They perpetually use all the doors of dharani to proclaim the boundless seas of all Buddha-dharmas, constantly turning the non-retreating pure Dharma Wheel, and causing all living beings to bring forth wisdom. They obtain the Buddha’s states, his wisdom light, and enter the profound Samadhi of Good Views.

They enter the unobstructed light of all dharmas. With regard to all dharmas, they have a supreme wisdom and sovereignty. With regard to all states, they are pure and adorned. They universally enter all the Dharma realms of the ten directions, and regardless of the direction and place, there is none which they do not reach. Within every dustmote, they manifest the accomplishment of Proper Enlightenment. Within the nature that is without form, they manifest all forms.

From within all directions they enter one direction. All of these Bodhisattvas, replete with the above treasury of boundless blessings, wisdom, merit and virtue, are constantly praised and extolled by all the Buddhas.

With all types of languages and words their merit and virtue is spoken of, but it cannot be exhaustively expressed. There were none who were not there in the Jeta Grove. They were profoundly immersed in the Thus Come One’s great sea of merit and virtue, and all could see how they were illumined by the Buddha's light.

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