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Entering the Dharma Realm Part 1

At that time, Transformationally Manifesting Dharma Realm's Vow Moon King Bodhisattva, aided by the Buddha's spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions and spoke verses saying:

As the imperial blue gem
Can turn all colors blue,
Those who see the Buddha in the same way,
All resolve on Bodhi's practice.

In every single dustmote,
the Buddha manifests the power of spiritual penetrations,
Causing measureless and boundless
Bodhisattvas to be purified.

This profound, subtle, wonderful power,
Boundless and unknowable,
Is a state of the Bodhisattvas,
Which none in the world can fathom.

The manifestation of the Tathagata's body
Is an appearance pure and adorned,
He universally enters the Dharma Realm,
And brings all Bodhisattvas to accomplishment.

Within inconceivable Buddha-lands,
Realizing Proper Enlightenment,
Are all of the Bodhisattvas
And world hosts – filling them up.

Shakyamuni, Unsurpassed Honored One,
Is at ease with all dharmas.
He manifests the strength of spiritual penetrations
Which are boundless and measureless.

All of the Bodhisattva's conducts
Are measureless and without end.
By the strength of the Tathagata's self-sufficiency,
He appears for their sakes.

The Buddha's disciples are adept at cultivating and learning;
In all profound Dharma realms
They achieve unobstructed wisdom
and understand all dharmas.

The Well-Gone One's awesome spiritual power
Turns the Dharma Wheel for beings.
His spiritual changes universally pervade
And purify the world.

The Tathagata's wisdom is perfect,
His states are also pure.
Like a Great Dragon King,
He universally aids all beings.

At that time, Dharma Wisdom Blazing Light King Bodhisattva, aided by the spiritual power of the Buddha, contemplated the ten directions and spoke verses saying:

As to the Tathagatas in the three periods,
None of the Sound Hearer disciples
Can know of the Buddha's
Lifting or setting down his foot.

And in the past, present and future realms,
All the conditionally enlightened ones,
Also will not know of the Tathagata's
Lifting or setting down his foot.

How much the less would common mortals
Fettered by the knots and servants,
Whose mind’s consciousness is covered by ignorance,
Know of the guiding master!

His Proper Enlightenment and unimpeded wisdom
Surpass the paths of languages.
Their measure cannot be fathomed.
Who is able to know and see them?

Like the bright moonlight,
Whose boundaries none can survey,
So, too, is the Buddha's power –
Its end cannot be seen.

Each of the expedient means,
Transformed at every thought,
Reaching to limitless kalpas,
Is not known through consideration.

Meditating on All-Wisdom
And these inconceivable dharmas,
As to each of the doors of expedients,
Their bounds cannot be attained.

If regarding these dharmas
One brings forth vast, great vows,
Then as to these states,
To know and see them will not be difficult!

Courageously and diligently cultivating
The seas of inconceivable great Dharma,
His mind is without obstruction,
And he enters these doors of expedients.

His mind and will are subdued,
His aspirations broad and extensive,
He will obtain great Bodhi,
That most supreme of states!

At that time, Smashing All Demon Armies Wisdom Banner King Bodhisattva, aided by the Buddha's spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions and spoke verses saying:

The Wisdom Body is not this body,
It is unobstructed, hard to imagine.
If it could be imagined,
Then in all things it would be unsurpassed.

From inconceivable karma,
This pure body arises,
A supreme wonderful adornment,
It’s unattached to the three realms.

Its light illumines all things,
The Dharma Realm is purified,
Disclosing the Buddha's door of Bodhi,
It brings forth All-Wisdom.

Like the sun in the world,
It universally emits light-wisdom,
Far apart from dust and filth,
It destroys all obstructions.

It universally cleanses the three realms of existence,
And forever severs the flow of birth and death.
In accomplishes the Bodhi way,
One brings forth the unsurpassed enlightenment.

He manifests boundless forms,
Yet these forms rely on no place.
Although their appearances are limitless,
They are completely inconceivable!

In a single instant of Bodhi,
One can awaken to all dharmas.
How can one hope to fathom
The scope of the Tathagata's wisdom?

In one thought, he completely understands
All dharmas of the three periods.
Thus one says that the Buddha's wisdom
Is without end and indestructible.

Wise ones should in such a way
Single-mindedly contemplate the Buddha's Bodhi.
This contemplation is hard to imagine,
It cannot be attained through thinking.

Bodhi is ineffable,
The Way of enlightenment is unutterable,
Surpassing the paths of language.
All Buddhas are born from this,
This Dharma is hard to conceive.

At that time, Vow Wisdom Bright Banner King Bodhisattva, aided by the Buddha's spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions and spoke verses saying:

If one can well contemplate
The limitless sea of Bodhi,
One can leave stupid thoughts
And decisively receive and uphold the Dharma.

Upon obtaining a decisive mind,
One can cultivate wonderful practices.
In the stillness of Dhyana, meditating by oneself,
One forever severs all doubts and delusions.

His mind is not weary,
Nor is he lax or lazy.
Ever increasing in progress and cultivation,
He perfects all Buddha-dharmas.

The wisdom of faith is accomplished,
Thought after thought it grows,
He always delights in and contemplates
The Dharma which cannot be attained and which has no reliance.

In measureless millions of thousands of kalpas,
The practices of merit and virtue he cultivated –
All of these he transfers,
To the way sought by all Buddhas.

Although he dwells in birth and death,
His mind is not defiled or attached.
Peacefully he dwells in all Buddha-dharmas,
And always delights in the Tathagata's practices.

Of all existences in the world,
The skandhas, the realms, and such dharmas,
All of this he leaves behind,
And solely seeks the Buddha's merit and virtue.

Common mortals have infantile, false delusions,
Constantly they turn and flow in the world.
The Bodhisattva's mind is unobstructed,
He relieves them to brings about their liberation.

The Bodhisattva practices are hard to appraise.
In all the worlds it is impossible to imagine
How he pervasively relieves all anguish,
And universally bestows joy upon all beings.

Having obtained Bodhi's wisdom,
Again he pities the multitudes.
His light illumines the world,
And crosses over all creatures.

At that time, Smashing All Obstructions Courageous Wisdom King Bodhisattva, aided by the Buddha's spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions and spoke verses, saying:

In measureless millions of thousands of kalpas,
The Buddha's name is hard to hear.
How much the more to draw near him,
And forever sever all doubts and delusion!

The Tathagata, lamp of the world,
Penetrates all dharmas.
Universally he gives rise to blessings of the three periods,
And causes living beings to be purified.

The Tathagata's wonderful form body
Is admired and praised by all.
Through millions of kalpas they always gaze up reverently at him,
Their minds never feel sated.

If there are Buddha's disciples
Who contemplate this wonderful form body,
They'll most certainly renounce all attachments to existence,
And make transferences to Bodhi's Way.

The Tathagata's wonderful form body
Forever proclaims the vast great sound.
His eloquence is unimpeded
In disclosing the door to Bodhi.

He awakens all living beings,
Limitlessly and inconceivably,
Enabling them to enter wisdom's gate,
And bestows on them Bodhi's prediction.

The Tathagata appears in the world,
As its great field of blessings.
He universally guides all sentients
To gather blessings in their practices.

Those who make offerings to the Buddhas,
Forever leave the fear of evil paths.
They destroy all suffering
And accomplish the Wisdom Body.

Upon seeing the Doubly-Fulfilled Honored One,
They can bring forth a vast, great mind.
Such people always see the Buddha,
And grow in wisdom-power.

Upon seeing the most supreme one in all of humankind,
Decisively they resolve on Bodhi.
Then each person himself knows,
That for certain he will attain Proper Enlightenment!

At that time, Dharma Realm's Various Spiritual Penetrations King Bodhisattva, aided by the Buddha's spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions and spoke verses saying:

Shakyamuni, Unsurpassed Honored One,
Is replete with all merit and virtue.
The beholder's mind is purified,
And makes transferences toward great wisdom.

The Tathagata, great, kind, compassionate one,
Appears in the world,
And universally for all creatures
Turns the peerless Dharma Wheel.

The Tathagata in innumerable kalpas
Diligently toils for living beings.
How can those in the world
Repay our great teacher's kindness?

I would rather for measureless kalpas
Endure the suffering of the evil paths,
Than to ever forsake the Tathagata
To seek escape from this.

I would rather for living beings' sake
Take on all suffering,
Than to ever renounce the Buddha
To seek security and bliss.

I'd rather stay in the evil destinies,
And forever hear the Buddha's name,
Than to be born in good paths
And for a moment not hear of the Buddha.

I'd rather be born in the hells,
In each one of them for innumerable aeons,
And never be afar from the Buddha,
Or seek to leave the evil destinies.

Why would I rather dwell for a long time
In all of the evil paths?
So as to see the Tathagata,
And so that my wisdom will increase and grow!

Upon seeing the Buddha,
All suffering is destroyed,
And one can enter into the Tathagatas'
States of great wisdom.

If one gets to see the Buddha,
One leaves behind all obstruction.
One forever nurtures endless blessings
And accomplishes the Bodhi Way.

The Tathagata can forever sever
All the doubts of living beings.
According to their delight,
Universally he satisfies them all.

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