Offering of Pure Vegetarian Foods


In order to help protect the monastic and fellow cultivators of the spiritual Path, we recommend that you carefully examine and consider any food or edible item that you offer.  The monastic eat simple and pure vegetarian foods to sustain themselves in their cultivation and to realize the Way. 

Foods that are highly processed contain high amounts of sodium, sugar, oil/fats, additives, preservatives, artificial flavoring and other chemicals.  Consuming highly processed foods may lead to many health problems.  Highly processed foods are items such as imitation meat products, frozen foods, French fries, pre-packaged foods, fast foods, and so on.  Junk food are food products that are highly processed.  They are mainly eaten as snacks or for indulging in flavors.  Junk food include chips, dips, candies, chocolate, ice cream, and other snack foods.

Highly processed imitation meat may actually contain ingredients derived from dead animals.

Consuming junk food and highly processed foods will increase people's desire and false thinking.  It is also bad for one’s body and causes health problems in the future. 

Please carefully consider these points when making a food offering to the monasteries or Wayplaces.

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