Quotations of the
Venerable Master Hua


If you really have no deluded thoughts, then you have already been born in the Land of Ultimate Bliss. If you are truly free of desire, then you have already taught and transformed living beings.

We must be clear about cause and effect and not make mistakes in cause and effect. When we come to the temple to bow to the Buddhas, we should not try to gain something for ourselves. We should not be afraid to take a loss. People who come to the temple to steal food, money, or other things will certainly fall into the three evil paths.

We should not say things that cause people to entertain thoughts of lust. We should not tell improper jokes or engage in frivolous or idle chatter. In general, we should not say the things we are not supposed to say.

Students of Buddhist should treat the study of the Dharma as more important than anything--more important than their studies at school, more important than their business and livelihood.

Buddhism has just come to the West, and we must staunchly support and propagate the Proper Dharma; we must take the Proper Dharma as our standard in all we do; the Proper Dharma is our goal and purpose. We should all make a great Bodhi resolve and protect the Treasury of the Proper Dharma Eye.

All afflictions are based on selfishness. That's why we have so much anger and so many afflictions.

If you are truly sincere, the Bodhisattvas will protect you even if you don't offer incense.

Clean out the garbage and defiled thoughts in your own mind.

Jealousy is an evil mental state which is hidden in one's thoughts.

If you don't develop Dharma-selecting vision--the genuine wisdom to distinguish between the Dharma and what is not the Dharma--you will have studied the Dharma in vain.

The more you study Buddhism, the more you should understand. You shouldn't become more confused. Recognize the truth and open up your "mine of wisdom."

What ordinary people are most attached to is the love between men and women. They hope their loved ones will live and their enemies will die.

When you are cultivating the Way and a demonic state appears, if you are the slightest bit not in accord with proper knowledge and views, you will be caught up in deviant views.

What are your treasures? They are your very own Treasury of the Tathagata. If you want to regain your Treasury of the Tathagata, you first have to protect your essence, energy, and spirit.

In studying Buddhism, we should "turn it around" and benefit others. Only then do we deserve to be called Buddhists.

In cultivation, even if you do not become possessed by a demon, you must still have genuine wisdom and Dharma-selecting vision.

If you want to determine whether a person is genuine or phony, whether he is a Bodhisattva or a demon, you can look for the following things: First, see whether he has any desire for sex; and second, see whether he is greedy for money.

Let's use what we have learned and what we understand to universally save living beings in the world.

You should all remember: After you take the precepts, never be deceived by such states of confused belief. Even if a Dharma-speaker displays mighty spiritual powers, you should look him over carefully and see if he is greedy. If he is out for money or if he has lust, then he's not genuine. He's a phony.

If you can regard the Sutra lectures as being especially important, then you have pretty much fulfilled your duties as a Buddhist.


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