Listen to Yourself: Think Everything Over

Dharma Talks by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua


Volume One:

Willow Branch Hand and Eye
Jeweled Seal Hand and Eye
Recitation Beads Hand and Eye
White Lotus Hand and Eye (Transference of Merit)
Vajra Hand and Eye
Jeweled Conch Hand and Eye

Transformation Buddha Atop the Crown Hand and Eye
Transformation Palace Hand and Eye
Jeweled Sutra Hand and Eye (Dharma Master Hsuan Tsang)
Grape Hand and Eye
Ax Hand and Eye
Jeweled Mirror Hand and Eye
Jeweled Arrow Hand and Eye
Shield Hand and Eye
Uniting and Holding Thousand Arms Hands and Eyes

Volume Two:

Short Biography of Dhyana Master Hsuan Hua
Wonderful Sound, Kuan Shih Yin
If You Just Keep Reciting
Her Universal Door Rescues All
Patience and Vigor
The Story of the Venerable Hsu Yun's Enlightenment
Don't Push for Speed
The "Zero"
Dreaming Within a Dream
On Investigating the Hua T'ou (Word Head)
At the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
When the Nature is in Samadhi...
What is Ch'an Meditation? How Do I Do It?
The Method of Ch'an
Instructions to Participants in the Buddha Recitation Session
Pure Land Dharma Talks
Ch'an Dharma Talks

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Listen to Yourself: Think Everything Over (Guan Yin)
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