The Chinese Competition

by Tiffany Lee
Developing Virtue Secondary Girls School, Grade 10


On Sunday morning of last week, three teachers brought me along with six other students to Stanford Middle School to attend the Chinese competition. I competed in the Essay Category. Even though I was born and raised in Taiwan, my writing skills were not good enough to receive first place in the competition. When I received this news, I was disappointed, because I was very competitive. However, I later realized that if I had won the competition, I wouldn’t be reflecting on what I can improve on now. Failure is therefore a good learning experience; it encourages people to try harder and allows them to continue improving.

After the competition ended, we visited Stanford University. It was my first time seeing Stanford, and it was, as rumors said, very grand and beautiful. However, there was one thing rumors kept from us—the caterpillars. They were on the ground, on the trees, on the flowers, on the walls; they were everywhere in the University! We screamed from the beginning to the end. Even Jin Hui Shr hid behind me, and told me to go before her. Unable to do anything else, I led the way, staring on the ground to avoid any caterpillars. “Watch out for what is above you!” Jin Hui Shr suddenly warned me. When I raised my head, there was a black caterpillar hanging right before my eyes! Even though the caterpillars scared us badly, fortunately, they did not do any harm to us. My experience at Stanford University was truly exciting and fun.

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