Two Occasions for Showing Off

by Wesley Sun
Developing Virtue Secondary Boys School, Grade 10

Learning Chinese culture is not only good for winning places in competitions but also useful in life. Before I learned Chinese culture I didn’t know what my parents were watching. I thought that all those Chinese soap operas were made up stories. After learning Chinese culture I found out that the soap operas were based on historical incidences. Whenever I see my parents watching it I would ask them, “who is it talking about?” They would tell me some name like Kangxi and I would know.

In my social life I can now show off my knowledge of Chinese culture to my friends. If they’re wondering about something they just saw or if I go to an Asian-American friend’s house and see what his or her parents are watching I can say it and they might be impressed. “Wow Wesley is so smart” or “How did you know that?” but of course I know that I won't have a lot of chances to show off. None of these incidents have occurred yet but I’m waiting.

I am glad that I have learned about Chinese culture because it taught me how prestigious the Chinese really were. The experience of going to competitions is a very fun one. I hope that I will never forget what I have learned but, because it’s summer, I have obviously forgotten around thirty percent of everything.

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