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Entering the Dharma Realm Part 2

The Ten Good Teachers of the Ten Dwellings


IV. Great Lord Megha, City of Comfort and Ease, In the Kingdom of Dramidapattana

Dwelling of Noble Birth

At that time, the Youth Good Wealth with a single mind properly recollect the dharma-door of the Dharma's brightness. He entered it with profound faith. He single-mindedly recalled the Buddha, without severing the Triple Jewel. He praised the nature of being apart from desire. He recalled his good knowing advisor, who universally illumined the three periods of time. He recollected his great vows, which were to universally save all living beings, and not to become attached to conditioned existence. He ultimately pondered the self-nature of all dharmas. He was able to adorn and purify all worlds. Toward the assemblies in the Way-places of the Buddhas, With respect to the Way-places of the Buddhas, his heart was not attached.

He gradually proceeded south until he arrived at the city of Comfort and Ease, and went looking for Megha. Then he saw him in the midst of a market place, seated upon a lion's throne, speaking Dharma. Ten thousand people surrounded him, while he spoke the dharma-door of Adornment with the Wheel of Syllables.

At that time, the Youth Good Wealth bowed at his feet, circumambulated him limitless times, and putting his palms together before him, said,  "Sagely One, I have already brought forth the resolve for anuttarasamyaksambodhi, but I still do not know how a Bodhisattva studies the Bodhisattva conduct; how he cultivates the Bodhisattva path; how he flows and turns amid all destinies of existence, and never forgets or loses his resolve for Bodhi; how he attains a mind of level equality which is solid and unmoving; how he attains a mind of purity , which cannot be destroyed; how he brings forth the power of great compassion and never grows weary; how he enters dharani and universally attains to purity; how he brings forth the vast, great light of wisdom, and is free from obstructing darkness regarding any dharmas; how he becomes replete with the power of unobstructed eloquence of understanding and decisively comprehends the treasury of all profound meanings; how he attains the power of proper mindfulness, and remembers and holds all the different Dharma Wheels; how he attains the power to purify the destinies and universally speaks the Dharma within all destinies; how he attains the power of wisdom, and is completely able to decisively discriminate the meanings of all dharmas.”

At that time, Megha said to Good Wealth, “Good man, have you already brought forth the resolve for anuttarasamyaksambodhi?”

Good Wealth answered, “Yes indeed!. I have already brought forth the resolve for anuttarasamyaksambodhi.”

Then Megha all of a sudden descended from the lion's throne, prostrated his five limbs on the ground, and bowed to Good Wealth. Then He scattered gold and silver flowers, priceless precious pearls, and using supremely wonderful powdered chandana incense and a limitless variety of ornaments—covered him over from above.  Moreover he scattered a limitless variety of fragrant flowers and various other gifts as offerings. He afterward stood up in praise, saying, “Good indeed! Good indeed! Good man, that you can bring forth the resolve for anuttarasamyaksambodhi. Good man, if someone can bring forth the resolve for anuttarasamyaksambodhi, then he does not sever the seeds of all Buddhas. Then he adorns and purifies all Buddha kshetras. Then he brings all living beings to maturity. Then he understands the nature of all dharmas. Then he enlightens to and comprehends the seeds of all karma. Then he perfects all conduct. Then he does not sever all great vows. Then he understands in reality as it is, the separateness from the seed nature of greed. Then he can clearly see all the differences within the three periods of time. Then he causes his faith and understanding to become forever firm and solid. Then he is maintained and aided by all Thus Come Ones. Then he is recollected by all Buddhas. Then he becomes the same as all Bodhisattvas. Then he is lauded by and pleases all worthy sages.

“Then he is revered and adored by all Brahma kings. Then he is one to whom all the heavenly lords make offerings. Then he is protected by all yakshas. Then he is attended by all rakshasas. Then he is welcomed by all dragon kings. Then he is one whom the kinnara kings praise in songs and chants. Then he is one whom all worldly lords will extol and delight over. Then he causes all the realms of living beings to attain peace and security.

That is to say: by causing them to renounce the evil destinies; by causing them to escape from the places of difficulties; by severing the root of all poverty; by giving rise to the bliss to all gods and humans; by encountering and drawing near to good knowing advisors; by listening to vast, great Dharma, receiving and upholding it; by bringing forth the Bodhiresolve; by purifying the Bodhi resolve; by illumining the Bodhisattva way; by entering into the wisdom of a Bodhisattva; and by dwelling on the grounds of a Bodhisattva.

“Good man, you should know that what a Bodhisattva does is most difficult. It is difficult for him to appear and difficult for one to encounter him. To be able to see a Bodhisattva is twice as difficult. A Bodhisattva is one whom all living beings rely on, because he causes them to grow and brings them to accomplishment. He is the savior of all living beings, because he plucks them out of suffering and hardships. He is the place where all beings take refuge, because he protects and guards the world. He is the rescuer of all beings, because he delivers them from fear.

“The Bodhisattva is like the wind wheel, because he upholds all in the world, so that they will not fall into the evil destinies. He is like the great earth, because he makes the good roots of living beings increase and grow. He is like the great sea, because his blessings and virtue pervade without exhaustion. He is like the pure sun, because his wisdom light universally illumines. He is like Sumeru, because his good roots are lofty and transcendent. He is like the bright moon, because his wisdom light appears. He is like a fierce general, because he smashes and subdues demon armies. He is like an imperial lord, because within the city of Buddhadharmas he obtains sovereignty. He is like a blazing fire, because he burns up living beings' thoughts of self and love. He is like a great cloud, because he lets fall limitless wonderful Dharma rain.

“He is like the timely rain, because he causes all the roots and sprouts of faith of living beings to increase and grow. He is like a boatman, because he navigates the Dharma sea, landing at a haven. He is like a bridge, because he can cause one to cross over the sea of birth and death.”

Megha, upon thus praising Good Wealth, caused all the Bodhisattvas to become delighted. After this he emitted various variegated lights from his face, universally illumining the trichiliocosm. All of the living beings within it who came into contact with this lightall the dragons, spirits, up to and including the Brahma godsall came to where Megha was. Then Megha the great lord employed expedients to reveal, proclaim, discriminate, and explain the dharma-door of Adornment with the Wheel of Syllables. Upon hearing this Dharma, all of those living beings became irreversible in anuttarasamyaksambodhi.

At that time Megha returned and ascended his seat, and said to Good Wealth, "Good man, I have attained the wondrous sound dharani.  I can discriminate and know, within the trichiliocosm, the languages of all gods, all dragons, yakshas, gandharvas, asuras, garudas, kinnaras, mahoragas, humans, and non-humans, up to and including all the languages of Brahma gods.  As it is with this trichiliocosm, so too, throughout the ten directions, in countless, up to and including, ineffably ineffable worlds, it is all the same way.

"Good man, I only know this dharma door of a Bodhisattva's wondrous sound dharani light.  But as to how all Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas can universally enter the seas of all living beings' various thoughts; the seas of all their various creations; the seas of all their various names and terms; the seas of all their various words and languages; And how they can universally enter into speaking the seas of all profoundly secret Dharma phrases; into speaking the seas of all ultimate Dharma phrases; into speaking the seas of all Dharma phrases in which one condition can encompass all that is conditioned within the three periods of time; into speaking the seas of superior Dharma phrases; into speaking the seas of the utmost superior grade of Dharma phrases; into speaking the seas of differentiated Dharma phrases; into speaking the seas of all differentiated Dharma phrases; how they can universally enter into the seas of all worldly incantations; the wheel of adornment with all sounds; and the limit of the wheel of all differentiated syllables. How can I possible know or speak of such merit and virtue?

“Good man, south of here in a village called the Grove of Dwelling, is an elder called Liberation. Go to him and ask him how a Bodhisattva cultivates the Bodhisattva conduct; how a Bodhisattva accomplishes the Bodhisattva conduct; How a Bodhisattva amasses the Bodhisattva conduct; and how a Bodhisattva considers the Bodhisattva conduct."

At that time, because of his good knowing advisor, the Youth Good Wealth brought forth deep esteem towards the Dharma of All-Wisdom. He deeply planted pure faith and profoundly increased his own benefit. Bowing at Megha's feet, he sorrowfully wept. He circumambulated him limitless measureless times. Gazing up at him with longing admiration, he bade farewell and took his leave.

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