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The Wondrous Adornments of the Rulers of the Worlds

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Hundred Eyes and Lotus Flower Topknot received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda, and spoke the following verses.

The mani gems all emit marvelous sounds
Praising the names of Buddhas of the three periods of time.
The numberless miraculous deeds of those Buddhas
Are entirely visible within this bodhimanda.

Arrayed like jeweled necklaces, the flowers compete in beauty.
Clouds of light drift and spread through the ten directions.
The spirits of the bodhi tree present these to the Buddhas,
Using their single-minded gaze as an offering.

Blazing light from mani forms a banner.
The glowing banner produces an exquisite fragrance.
The fragrance permeates the entire assembly,
Making the place entirely adorned and pure.

Lotus blossoms sprinkle golden rays of light.
Within the light, the Buddha’s wondrous sounds—like clouds
Spread and cover all lands in ten directions,
Quelling sentient beings’ burning afflictions forever.

The magnificent bodhi tree, with sovereign power,
Constantly releases rays of the purest light.
The boundless assemblies in the ten directions
Are all reflected without fail in the bodhimanda.

The effulgence from jeweled branches resembles bright lanterns.
That brilliance pronounces great vows.
The Buddha’s past cultivation
In all levels of existence is fully told.

The spirits beneath tree, as numerous as dustmotes in lands,
Have all drawn near to this bodhimanda.
At the tree where each Tathagata realizes the Way,
They proclaim passages to liberation in thought after thought.

Every practice cultivated by the World Honored One:
His making of offerings to all Thus Come Ones, and
All his past cultivation and renown
Appear entirely in the mani pearl.

Everything in the bodhimanda makes marvelous sounds
Far-reaching sounds that pervade the ten directions.
Sentient beings who are receptive to the Dharma
All become purified and subdued.

Long ago, the Thus Come One everywhere cultivated
Innumerable deeds that developed these adornments.
All the bodhi trees in the ten directions
Have a measureless variety of adornments.

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Full Radiance of Golden Flames received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda , and spoke the following verses.

As the Buddha cultivated practices for bodhi ,
He clearly understood all states of being.
Whether they were right or wrong, he remained pure and doubtless.
This is the first of the Thus Come One’s powers of wisdom.

Just as in the past he impartially viewed the nature of dharmas*
And clearly fathomed the sea of all karma,
All of this, now, in the net of radiance,
Is universally enacted in the ten directions.

In former eons he cultivated great expedients,
Transforming and guiding sentient beings according to their roots,
And purifying the minds of all in the assembly.
Thus the Buddha perfected the wisdom power of faculties.

Sentient beings’ understandings are not the same.
Their inclinations and ways of behaving are each distinct.
Accordingly he speaks the Dharma that they should hear.
The Buddha, by his wisdom power, can be this way.

Oceans of lands to the ends of the ten directions
And all realms of sentient beings as well
Manifest within the Buddha’s pores
By virtue of his impartial, space-like wisdom.

The Buddha knows where every path leads.
A single thought exhausts the three periods completely.
He can entirely reveal and manifest
All eons, sentient beings, times, and lands in the ten directions.

Just as his dhyana concentration and liberation are boundlessly strong,
So, too, are his samadhi and expedient means.
The Buddha appears for the delight of sentient beings
And cleanses away their dismal afflictions.

Unhindered, Buddha’s wisdom encompasses the three periods,
Which instantaneously appear in his pores.
The Buddhadharma, countries, and sentient beings
All manifest by his power of knowing upon reflection.

The Buddha’s eyes are as pervasive as space.
They see the entire Dharma Realm, missing nothing.
On the ground of nonobstruction, he achieved peerless functioning.
Only Buddhas can describe the depth of his eyes.

Every sentient being is tied up in knots
And bound by all the derivative afflictions and habits.
The Tathagata appears everywhere in the world
And expediently releases those bonds.

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Sound Pervading the Dharma Realm received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda , and spoke the following verses.

The Buddha’s awesome spiritual power pervades the ten directions.
Vast and great, he manifests without discrimination.
Great bodhi practices and paramitas—
All beings see how he perfected these in the past.

Giving rise to great compassion for sentient beings,
He cultivated the paramita of giving.
Thus his body is most sublime and wondrous,
Causing delight in the beholder.

During oceanic, boundless great eons in the past,
He cultivated the paramita of pure precepts.
Thus, he gained a pure body pervading the ten directions,
And he extinguishes intense sufferings in all worlds.

In the past he cultivated the purity of patience.
His faith and understanding were true and undiscriminating.
Therefore he has perfect features and characteristics.
And his radiance lights up the ten directions.

Long ago, for many oceans of eons, he cultivated with vigor
And managed to reverse the weighty obstacles of sentient beings.
Therefore his division-bodies pervade the ten directions
And appear beneath the majestic bodhi tree.

The Buddha long cultivated—for measureless eons—
Purifying the entire great ocean of dhyana samadhi .
Upon seeing him, beings rejoice profoundly
And completely cast out their turbid, obstructive afflictions.

The Thus Come One cultivated a sea of all practices,
Fully perfecting prajña paramita
Thus he releases universal illumination,
Dispelling all ignorance and gloom.

With various expedients he transforms sentient beings,
Leading them to succeed in their every practice.
He travels pervasively through the ten directions,
Never resting during boundless eons.

The Buddha cultivated for seas of great eons,
Purely perfecting the paramita of all vows.
Hence, he appears throughout all worlds
And rescues sentient beings to the end of time.

For countless eons, the Buddha cultivated and cured
The paramita of the power of all dharmas,
Thereby accomplishing spontaneous strength
And appearing in all lands of the ten directions.

The Buddha cultivated the wisdom of the universal door.
The nature of all wisdom resembles the void.
Thus he achieved unobstructed power
And shines his light upon lands in the ten directions.

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Cloud Sound and Pure Moon received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda , and spoke the following verses.

The realm of his spiritual penetrations equals the void.
No sentient being in the ten directions fails to see them.
The grounds he achieved in past cultivation
Are fully explained within the fruit of mani.

Through countless eons of pure and diligent practice,
He enters the First Ground of utmost happiness.
He brings forth wisdom vast as the Dharma Realm
And beholds countless Buddhas in the ten directions.

On the Ground of Leaving Filth, amidst all dharmas,
He upholds pure precepts as numerous as sentient beings.
Having practiced extensively for many eons,
He makes offerings to a boundless sea of Buddhas.

Amassing blessings and virtue, he reaches the Ground of Emitting Light.
Resolute patience achieves the shamatha treasury.
All hear the vast cloud of Dharma.
Thus it is proclaimed within the fruits of mani.

On the peerless ground of a blazing sea of bright wisdom,
He understands all situations and responds with compassion.
He manifests bodies equally in all countries,
Fully disclosing the Buddha’s cultivation.

Impartial, universal treasury—Ground of Difficult Conquest—
Movement and stillness harmonize, free from conflict.
The states of the Buddhadharma are equal.
He explains the practices of the Buddhas.

With extensive practice, he attains the ground of oceanic wisdom.
He pervasively understands all dharma methods.
Like the void, he manifests everywhere in all lands
And proclaims this Dharma beneath the tree.

His body pervades the Dharma Realm and space.
His wisdom lamp illuminates all sentient beings.
His every expedient device conduces to purity.
His far-reaching practices are now told for all.

Adorned by all his vows and practices,
He purifies measureless seas of lands,
No discursive thought can sway him.
This peerless ground is proclaimed in full.

Measureless states arise from spiritual powers.
Skillful entry into Dharma teachings brings power of light.
This is the pure Ground of Wholesome Wisdom.
Practices through seas of eons are completely revealed.

The vast Dharma Cloud of the Tenth Ground
Encompasses everything in space.
The states of all Buddhas are expressed in sound.
Such sound comes from the Buddhas’ awesome spiritual power.

At that time, Bodhisattva Mahasattva Bright Banner of Wholesome Courage received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, universally contemplated the oceanic multitudes in the bodhimanda , and spoke the following verses.

Countless sentient beings in the assembly,
With pure faith and understanding, various in kind,
Enlighten to the wisdom of the Tathagata
And fathom all states of adornment.

Each made pure vows and cultivated all practices.
All made offerings to countless Buddhas.
They now perceive the Tathagata’s true body
And all his spiritual transformations as well.

Some can perceive the Buddha’s Dharma body:
Peerless, unimpeded, and all-pervasive.
The boundless natures of all dharmas
Are completely contained within his body.

Some can see the Buddha’s wondrous physical body,
With its boundless hallmarks and dazzling light.
According to sentient beings’ different understandings,
Its various manifestations appear in the ten directions.

Some see the unobstructed wisdom body,
Equal in the three times, like the void.
Turning the wheel to teach and delight beings,
This body can be seen in various ways.

Some beings perceive the Buddha’s sound
As it pervades all regions in the ten directions.
Based upon sentient beings’ capacities to understand,
He utters words and sounds without any hindrance.

Some see the myriad lights of the Thus Come One.
His various illuminations pervade all worlds.
There are some who, within the Buddha’s radiance,
Further see all Buddhas displaying spiritual powers.

Some see the Buddha’s light—like an ocean or a cloud
Streaming from his pores in dazzling colors.
It reveals his past cultivation of the Path,
Leading beings to enter the Buddha’s wisdom with deep faith.

Some see the Buddha adorned with the blessed hallmarks.
Discerning, too, how the blessings came about.
His past cultivation of an ocean of paramitas
Is clearly visible in the Buddha’s appearance.

Immeasurable, the Thus Come One’s merit
Fills the Dharma Realm and has no boundaries.
All the states of spiritual penetrations
By the Buddha’s power are proclaimed.

At that time, by the Buddha’s spiritual power, the ground in the Flower Treasury Adorned Sea of Worlds underwent all the six kinds of quaking in their eighteen forms.

[Those quakings were] namely, moving, pervasive moving, universally pervasive moving, rising, pervasive rising, universally pervasive rising, surging, pervasive surging, universally pervasive surging, shaking, pervasive shaking, universally pervasive shaking, roaring, pervasive roaring, universally pervasive roaring, banging, pervasive banging, universally pervasive banging.

Each and every one of the world leaders manifested inconceivable clouds of offerings and rained them upon the oceanic multitudes in the Thus Come One’s bodhimanda.

There were clouds of all kinds of adorning fragrance and flowers, clouds of all wonderful ornaments of mani, clouds of exquisite nets of dazzling light from jewels, clouds of perfect radiance from a boundless array of mani jewels, clouds of jewels of a myriad colors and a treasury of pearls, clouds of assorted precious candana incenses, clouds of canopies made of various jewels, clouds of magnificent mani gems resonating with pure and wondrous sound, clouds of wheel-like necklaces of sunlight mani beads, clouds of resplendent radiance from assorted jewels, and clouds of myriad ornaments, each distinct. There were measureless, inconceivable numbers of clouds of offerings such as these. Each and every one of the world leaders manifested such clouds of offerings and rained them upon the oceanic multitudes in the Thus Come One’s bodhimanda, covering them all.

Just as each and every world leader in this world was delighted and made offerings in this way, so too, in all worlds in the Flower Treasury Adorned Sea of Worlds, all the world leaders made offerings in the same way.

In each of those worlds, a Thus Come One was seated in a bodhimanda. Each and every world leader had his individual faith and understanding.

[Each world leader had] individual conditions, individual expedient passages into samadhi, individual practices of dharmas that aid the Way, individual accomplishments, individual happiness, individual inclinations, individual enlightenment and understanding of dharma doors, individual entry into the states of the Thus Come One’s spiritual penetrations, individual entry into the states of the Thus Come One’s powers, and individual entry into the Thus Come One’s passages into liberations.

Just as it was in this Flower Treasury Adorned Sea of Worlds, so it was in all seas of worlds in the ten directions to the ends of the Dharma Realm and space.


In the Flower Adornment Oceanic Assembly,
Its jeweled treasury of spiritual literature
Has sutra-rolls the size of a great trichiliocosm in a single atomic particle,
Which is broken open by this very person.
Then flowers rain down in profusion,
And the Dharma Realm is everywhere permeated with fragrance.

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