Hundred Parables Sutra Contents:



1 The Stupid Man and The Salt
2 The Stupid Man Tries To Store Up Milk
3 The Pears and The Broken Head
4 The Wife Plays Dead
5 Seeing Water and Getting Thristy
6 The Dead Son Remains in the House
7 Claiming Another as One's Elder Brother
8 The Rustic Steals from the Palace Treasury
9 Praising the Father's Virtuous Conduct
10 The Three-Storied House

11 The Brahman Kills His Own Son
12 Speaking About a Person's Tendency to Get Angry
13 Slaying Their Guide and Offering Him Up as a Sacrifice
14 (missing) in 1984/1985 VBS
(Unknown #) Taking a Boat and Losing a Silver Bowl
15 The Physician Prescribes A Drug For The Princess
16 Watering with Sugar
17 The half-Cent Debt
18 Boiled Molasses
19 Sharpening the Knife Upstairs
20 The King Was Said to Have Been Recklessly Cruel

21 The Woman Who Wished For A Second Child
22 Getting Sink-In-Water Incense From The Sea
23 The Thief Who Stole Embroidered Satin To Wrap His Rags In
24 Planting Cooked Sesame Seeds
25 Water and Fire
26 Imitating the King's Blinking Habit

27 Sending Pure Spring Water
28 The Mirror in the Treasure Chest
29 Blinding the Immortal Who Had Gained the Five Penetrations

37 Killing a Herd of Cattle
38 The Water Bucket
39 Plastering the Walls
40 On Curing Baldness

41 Pishacha Ghosts
42 The Trader and the Dead Camel
43 Grinding a Large Stone
44 Eating Half a Cake
45 The Slave Guarding the Door
46 Stealing a Yak
47 The Poor Man Who Feigned the Crow of a Mandarin Duck
48 The Jackal Hit by a Snapped Twig
49 Two Young Boys' Argument over Feathers
50 Curing a Hunchback

51 A Maid Servant and Five Masters
52 The Musician
53 The Master's Hurting Legs and His Two disciples
54 The Snake Whose Head and Tail Had an Argument
55 The King's Barber
56 To Ask For Nothing
57 Putting His Foot In the Elder's Mouth
58 Two Sons Share Their Inheritance

The Hundred Parables Sutra (English and Chinese)

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