The Buddhist Sutras contain the precious, profound and lofty teachings of the Buddhas, revealed by the Enlightened Ones out of compassionate regard for the salvation of mankind. For generations, many high Sanghans (monastic) and lay persons have given their lives towards the preservation of these texts so that humanity may continue to receive guidance along the path towards ultimate liberation.

It follows that anyone studying these sacred literature should bring forth a mind of deep gratitude and reverence and reflect upon how rare it is to encounter the Buddha’s teachings. Such gratitude should also express itself naturally in a respectful and humble frame of mind when approaching the scriptures, as well as the orthodox commentaries and liturgies; the fortunate recipient of these teachings should also ensure that such holy texts are handled only with clean hands and sincere minds, and when not in use, that these texts are stored in clean and elevated places.

These scriptures represent one of the Three Precious Refuges in Buddhism; the Sutras and the teachings contained therein should therefore be accorded the same high level of reverence as is reserved for the other two Precious Jewels, namely the Sangha and the Buddha. Those having the good fortune to encounter the Buddhist scriptures should understand and conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of cause and effect. They should ensure that they do not carelessly mishandle, malign or otherwise slander the scriptures as the karmic retribution from such offenses are extremely serious.


Proper Use, Terms, and Conditions:

I agree to the following conditions for the download and use of texts or pictures of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas' images and paintings or the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua's photographs from this site:

1) I agree to treat them with the care, respect, and integrity due to the truly sacred.  Hence I also agree to handle all copies of files and downloads of these texts and photographs or slideshows on Sages with reverence, including keeping them in clean and pure places. 

2) I will acknowledge the source of all Buddhist Text Translation Society texts whenever I post or reproduce all or part of any text.

3) I will not alter or abridge the content of any text without the permission of the Buddhist Text Translation Society.

4) I will not sell copies of any downloaded texts in any media or in any other way seek monetary gain from the materials in this City of Ten Thousand Buddhas website.


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