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The Manifestations of the Thus Come One

Chapter Two--------------

Then in the assembly’s midst, another Bodhisattva Mahasattva named Fragrant Effulgence of Universally Bright Wisdom received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions, and spoke a verse.

All the Bodhisattvas in this gathering
Have entered the Buddhas’ inconceivable realm.
Each of them can observe
The spiritual powers of all Buddhas.

His wisdom body can pervasively enter
Lands as numerous as dustmotes.
Seeing his body appear among them,
Beings can behold all Buddhas.

Like a shadow his body appears in every land,
In the place of every Thus Come One.
In the midst of all beings,
It manifests feats of spiritual powers.

Universal Worthy’s conduct and vows
Have been cultivated to gleaming purity. 
In every land, one observes universally
The Buddha’s spiritual transformations.

His body dwells everywhere,
Completely impartial towards all.
The wise can practice in this way
And enter the state of the Buddhas.

Having realized the Thus Come One’s wisdom,
They shine equally throughout the Dharma Realm,
Entering every pore of the Buddha
And every ocean of lands.

In every Buddha’s land,
They manifest spiritual powers.
Appearing in various bodies,
They assume various names.

In the space of a single thought,
They display all spiritual transformations.
In the bodhimanda, they realize proper enlightenment
And turn the wonderful Dharma wheel.

All lands vast and great,
And inconceivable billions of eons—
Bodhisattvas, in samadhi,
Can manifest in a single thought.

In every Buddhaland,
All the Bodhisattvas,
Boundless and without end,
Can enter into the Buddha’s body.

Then in the assembly’s midst, another Bodhisattva Mahasattva named Lion-Sprint Wisdom Light received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions, and spoke a verse.

The Buddha Vairochana
Can turn the wheel of Proper Dharma.
Cloud-like, his presence pervades
All lands of the Dharma Realm.

In the great seas of worlds
Throughout the ten directions,
By the Buddha’s spiritual powers and vows
The Dharma wheel everywhere turns.

In each and every land,
Amidst vast assemblies,
Buddhas, their names each different,
Proclaim the wondrous Dharma as appropriate.

The Thus Come One achieved his awesome power
Through Universal Worthy’s vows.
In every land and country,
His wondrous voice is heard.

The Buddha’s bodies, numerous as dustmotes in lands,
Everywhere send down the rain of Dharma.
Beyond birth and discrimination,
He appears in all worlds.

Through countless billions of eons,
In lands as numerous as dustmotes,
All the past deeds of the Buddha
Are told in full with wondrous sound.

Lands many as dustmotes in the ten directions
Are completely suffused with radiant nets.
Every luminous ray reveals a Buddha
Teaching all sentient beings.

The Buddha’s body, undifferentiated,
Fills the entire Dharma Realm,
Beings who see his physical form
Are skillfully subdued according to their capacities.

In all lands throughout the three periods of time,
The guiding teachers of beings,
Their names various and unique,
Speak for them and enable them to see.

The wondrous Dharma wheel
Turned by all Thus Come Ones
Of the past, present, and future
Can be heard in this assembly.

Then in the assembly’s midst, another Bodhisattva Mahasattva named Meritorious Treasury of Dharma Sea Wisdom received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions, and spoke a verse.

The disciples of the Buddha in this assembly
Skillfully cultivate multi-faceted wisdom.
These individuals can already enter
Expedient means such as these.

In every country and land,
They proclaim with mighty voices.
The Buddha’s practices of which they speak
Are heard widely in the lands of the ten directions.

In each thought of their minds,
They contemplate all dharmas.
Dwelling fast in true thusness,
They comprehend the ocean of all dharmas.

The Buddha, in each and every body,
Spanning inconceivable billions of eons,
Cultivated the paramitas,
And adorned and purified lands.

In each fine mote of dust,
He certified to all dharmas.
In this way, unimpeded,
He traveled the lands of the ten directions.

He went to every Buddhaland,
Missing not a single one.
Observing the Buddhas’ spiritual powers,
He entered their practices.

The Buddhas’ magnificent voice
Is heard throughout the Dharma Realm.
Bodhisattvas can know and understand,
And skillfully enter the ocean of sounds.

For oceans of eons, he utters wondrous sounds,
His voice impartial and undiscriminating.
Those whose wisdom penetrates the three periods
Enter the realm of his sound.

Every sound that beings make
And the Buddhas’ sovereign sound—
One can understand them all,
Upon gaining the wisdom of sound,

From one ground one attains to the next,
Until one dwells in the ground of the powers.
Diligently cultivating for billions of eons,
One obtains dharmas such as these.

Then in the assembly’s midst, another Bodhisattva Mahasattva named Wisdom’s Lamp Universally Shining received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions, and spoke a verse.

All Thus Come Ones
Remain detached from appearances.
One who understands this Dharma
Sees the guiding teachers of the world.

Bodhisattvas in samadhi,
Their wisdom light shining everywhere,
Are capable of knowing all Buddhas’
Free and independent nature.

Seeing the Buddha’s true body,
One awakens to the profound Dharma.
Contemplating all dharma realms,
One takes birth wherever one wishes.

Born from the ocean of blessings,
He dwells upon the ground of wisdom.
Observing all dharmas,
He cultivates the supreme Path.

In the lands of all Buddhas,
In the places of all Thus Come Ones,
Pervading the Dharma Realm,
One sees the true body.

In the great lands of the ten directions,
The Buddha practiced with vigor for billions of eons.
He roams in proper and universal knowledge
Across the ocean of all dharmas.

His unique, indestructible body
Can be seen in every mote of dust.
Beyond birth, devoid of form,
It yet appears in all lands.

In accord with beings’ wishes,
The Buddha universally appears before them.
Taming and teaching them with various means,
He quickly sets them upon the Buddha Path.

By virtue of the Buddha’s awesome spirit,
All the Bodhisattvas can appear.
Aided by the Buddha’s power,
They behold all Thus Come Ones.

All the guiding teachers,
With limitless, awesome spiritual powers,
Enlighten all the Bodhisattvas,
Who then roam throughout the Dharma Realm.

Then in the assembly’s midst, another Bodhisattva Mahasattva named Exquisitely Blazing Cowl of Universally Bright Wisdom received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions, and spoke a verse.

Each and every land
Echoes with wondrous sounds.
Lauding the Buddhas’ merit and virtue,
They permeate the Dharma Realm.

The Dharma is the Buddha’s body,
Pure and clear like space.
All the colors and forms appearing therein
Cause beings to enter this Dharma.

Those who rejoice in deep faith
Will be guided by the Buddha.
Such people, you should know,
Will understand the Buddha’s wisdom in this very life.

Those of scanty wisdom
Cannot know this Dharma.
Only pure ones with the wisdom eye
Are capable of such perception.

With the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power,
They can contemplate all dharmas.
Whether engaged in contemplation or not,
They comprehend all that they see.

Among all the dharmas that there are,
dharma doors are boundless
For realizing All-Wisdom, and
Entering the deep Dharma ocean.

Dwelling in Buddhalands,
The Buddha manifests everywhere
Yet neither goes nor comes.
The Dharma of all Buddhas is thus.

In the ocean of all beings,
The Buddha’s body appears, like a reflection.
According to their various understandings,
They perceive that guiding teacher.

In each and every pore,
The Buddha displays spiritual powers,
Leading beings to cultivate Universal Worthy’s vows.
Pure individuals can behold the Buddha.

The Buddha, in every single body,
Turns the Dharma wheel in all places.
Pervading the Dharma Realm,
He transcends thought and speech.

Then in the assembly’s midst, another Bodhisattva Mahasattva named Infinite Light of Awesome Virtue and Wisdom received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions, and spoke a verse.

In every Buddhaland,
A Buddha sits in a bodhimanda.
The multitudes gather ‘round,
And all demon armies are subdued.

Light streams from the Buddha’s body,
Suffusing the ten directions.
In response to beings, he manifests
Various forms, not just a single kind.

Within every mote of dust,
Glowing with luminous radiance,
A panorama of ten directions’ lands are seen,
Their qualities and features each unique.

The ten directions’ oceans of lands
Contain lands, infinite and various.
All are level and pristine,
Formed and constituted of sapphires.

They may be overturned, or sideways,
Or resemble a closed lotus bud.
They may be circular or rectangular,
Or of other sorts of shapes and forms.

Through every land of the Dharma Realm,
They travel without hindrance.
At every gathering and assembly,
They ever turn the wondrous Dharma wheel.

Inconceivable, the Buddha’s body
Holds within it all lands.
He is present everywhere,
Guiding beings and teaching true Dharma.

He turns the wheel of wondrous Dharma.
The Dharma nature is free of discriminations.
In accordance with the one and only Truth,
He expounds the characteristics of all dharmas.

The Buddha, with perfect sound,
Clearly sets forth the principle of Truth.
Yet for beings with different understandings,
He reveals infinite dharma doors.

Somewhere in the midst of every land,
One can see a Buddha seated in a bodhimanda.
Like a reflection, the Buddha’s body
Is beyond all birth and death.

Then in the assembly’s midst, another Bodhisattva Mahasattva named Wisdom Universally Illumining the Dharma Realm received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions, and spoke a verse.

The Thus Come One’s wondrous body
And his inconceivable physical form—
Bring joy to all who perceive them.
Faithful and reverent, those beings enjoy the Dharma.

Every hallmark of the Buddha’s body
Reveals limitless Buddhas,
Who pervade the realms of the ten directions,
Entering every mote of dust.

In the ten directions’ oceans of lands,
Buddhas beyond count and measure
Display their spiritual powers
In thought after thought.

Bodhisattvas of great wisdom
Plumb the depths of the Dharma ocean.
Assisted by the Buddhas’ power,
They apprehend these expedients.

Those already well established
In Universal Worthy’s conduct and vows,
Will see all lands and countries
And all Buddhas’ spiritual powers.

People of faith and understanding,
Who have made great vows
And whose wisdom is profound
Will thoroughly know all dharmas.

If they observe the Buddhas’ body,
Contemplating each and every aspect,
Undistracted by form and sound,
They will understand all states of mind.

Bodhisattvas can emulate all Buddhas,
By abiding in their wisdom and practice.
They soon enter the Thus Come One’s position
And guide all beings in the Dharma Realm.

Bodhisattvas, in a single thought,
Can make appear in every mote of dust
Lands to the number
Of dustmotes in Buddhalands.

In a single land, they can manifest
All lands and countries,
As well as feats of spiritual powers.
Such are the Bodhisattvas’ powers.

Then in the assembly’s midst, another Bodhisattva Mahasattva named Vigorous Power and Unimpeded Wisdom received the Buddha’s awesome spiritual power, contemplated the ten directions, and spoke a verse.

The Buddha broadcasts a single wondrous sound,
Heard throughout the lands of the ten directions.
Carrying the myriad sounds,
The rain of Dharma falls everywhere.

With oceans of words and phrases,
Sounds that communicate to every species,
In every land of Buddhas,
He turns the pristine Dharma wheel.

All beings in every land,
Behold the Buddha’s spiritual transformations
And hear the Buddha speaking Dharma.
Having heard it, they aspire towards bodhi.

Throughout the lands of the Dharma Realm,
In every single mote of dust,
The Thus Come One, by his power of liberation,
Universally manifests his body.

The Dharma body is the same as space,
Unhindered and lacking differentation.
The physical body resembles a reflection,
Assuming various images and forms.

The reflection, without a location,
Is insubstantial, like the void.
Only one of tremendous wisdom
Can fathom its impartial nature.

The Buddha’s body cannot be apprehended.
Unborn and uncreated,
It appears in response to all beings,
Yet remains impartial like the void.

All the Buddhas of the ten directions
Completely enter a single pore
And display spiritual powers.
The wisdom eye thus perceives.

Vairochana Buddha’s vows
Pervade the Dharma Realm.
Perpetually, in all lands
He turns the unsurpassed wheel.

A single pore displays spiritual transformations
And all Buddhas speaking in unison.
Even passing through limitless eons,
None of this will reach its end.

In the bodhimanda of this world of four continents, by the Buddha’s spiritual power, Bodhisattvas as numerous as the dustmotes in a hundred million seas of worlds came to gather from each of the ten directions. You should know that it was the same way in the bodhimandas in every world of four continents in all the seas of worlds.

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