Some Essay Contest Entries for 2012

Category A (adults and college students):

Day by Day


Lucid Translation

Remembering Venerable Master's Compassion

2011 DRBA Europe Delegation

Cultivating Buddha-nature in Everyday Activities:
Motivation for Young Adults


Category B (9-12th Graders):

A Few Positive Lessons, and More

Pay it Forward

A Generation of Ingratitude

Learning to Teach, Acting to Lead

An Act of Kindness, A Foundation for Life

The Venerable Master’s Influence On My Life

The Spur of Change


Category C (8th Graders and below):

Happiness of Liberating Lives

Anger Can no Longer Control Me

Why I Love the Temple so Much

My Home is at CTTB

My Hero: Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

The Venerable Master Hua


This School is Helping Me to Become a Better Person

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